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We Sell and Buy Houses in Georgia.

We can pay you CASH for your house…
and You can Buy homes in Georgia without the stress or hassle of bank financing…
Save yourself from paying expensive commissions…
And close either way in less than ONE week!


You can buy or sell a home today effortlessly with our quick and easy proven system.
A O Home Solutions has been buying and selling homes in the area for over a decade. We do not list houses for sale, We BUY houses. If you are asking “How do I sell my home in Georgia?” Sell your house quickly to us for cash or terms. We have Buyers waiting to buy homes for sale in Georgia. We can put your house under contract or buy it today!


Many people are asking us “How can I get help buying a home today?” We have many homes and houses for sale each week. We can do creative financing including Lease Purchase, Owner Financing, rent to own, or contract for Deed if you are a home Buyer or want a right now. Just click here to see our homes for sale, Lease Purchase, Owner Finance, Rent to Own and for Rent. If you are buying a home in Atlanta or McDonough or any metro area we have some of the best deals and they are not on the MLS or FMLS.Please don’t confuse us with the rest of the industry. We are different, we have over a decade of experience buying homes in Georgia and we are local home buyers and home sellers. We are group of trained and experienced “Real Estate Problem Solvers” not just Investors.


We buy several houses per month and we sell several houses each month. We also do many Investment, Lease Purchase, Owner Finance, Rent to Own, “Subject To” Probate and cash deals. We understand when you say “sell my house quickly” or “buy my home”. Daily people needing to sell a house now come to us to sell quickly. We buy homes in Georgia. Buy homes fast and Sell House Georgia are key word phrases for many Investors but we actually do buy and sell houses in all metro Atlanta areas.Selling or Buying a house using traditional methods can be frustrating, expensive and stressful. If life has you in a situation that demands that you sell any house quickly, then we can provide you with a solution. We can make you an offer to purchase your house today. If you need to buy a house, we can also put you in a new home very quickly even if you have had some problems in the past with credit. Do not let the current bank restrictions block your dreams. Let us help you finance a home now.


Here is how we can help you Sell your House Quickly…

I will come look at your house and make you two or more offers. Our Market Evaluation Services are free. We create solutions that enable you as a seller, to sell your house quickly for no commission and without having to deal with realtors, brokers or selling privately. There are No Banks Needed with many of our home purchases. We can pay Cash. We can put it under contract today. You can move when you choose. You have nothing to lose except the mortgage payment and the headaches.


There are many reasons that people are moved to sell their houses and do not have the time, patience, internet skills, or focus to sell by owner, by investor, or through Realtors. This is why too many houses lead into foreclosure or end up being a short sale or rented out and destroyed by tenants. What we do is provide debt and stress relief by working with you the seller, to create the offer that works for you. We can and do get the job done quickly with house sold being best answer.


The offers that we will present to buy your house are designed to relieve you of debt and or responsibility of a house you don’t need or need to sell quickly. We can pay you all cash, or create terms we agree on. We intend to work in a way to get you the best deal and a win win conclusion quickly.  It is no secret that we buy houses, sell houses, lease houses and market houses for a profit. If you choose to have us market your home and we find you a buyer there is no commission to you. We are very good at what we do!  Who else will market your house and tell you there is no commission for you to pay?

Home Sellers we can provide you with more than one Home Selling solution…


When you need to quickly resolve any problem related to selling your house, we come to you and workout a solution a (A O Home Solution) that gets the house sold for you now.  We will both benefit from the transaction or we will not do business. There are no strings attached. We will provide you with multiple offers, and you choose to accept the offer that meets your needs to sell your house.


Here is a short list of reasons why people need to sell quickly and/or chose our services over the other options available. You may find you fit into one or more of these situations:
  • Employment Transfer
  • Moving out of town or state
  • Loss of employment
  • Failing business
  • Divorce
  • Fire or water damage
  • House needs major repair
  • No equity for Realtor commissions
  • Behind on payments
  • Need more money for House
  • Owe liens or judgments
  • Looking to create seller financing for income stream
  • Bad tenants
  • Estate sale
  • Out of state owner
  • Military transfers
  • Realtor listing expired
  • Heading into foreclosure!
  • Probate or Inheritance Homes
  • Need to sell this month

These are just a few reason people sell a house.These situations may apply to anyone at anytime.

We do not have to buy houses at a large discounts to make the deals work for us at A O Home Solutions. It really all depends on your needs as a seller or the condition, area and price of your house. In fact, in many cases we pay full retail or asking price. It all depends on the individual situation. We have been doing this for over a decade and we have tons of positive referrals.

All of our intentions are made absolutely clear to you before we agree to do anything. Every step we make is in writing. Most importantly, you’re never obligated or pressured to accept any of our offers.

Here’s how it works for Home Sellers…

You fill out the form below, or call us with the information that we need about your house and your asking price. Or download the form to sell your house now and send it to us through fax or email. Download the simple Sell your house now form here.
We will look over the information you provide and determine what possibilities we have to create a solution that works for us both.
We contact you and discuss some possibilities, and if we can agree on some basics, we make arrangements to come see your house and make you two or more offers to buy your house.
We will do some market analysis to determine the best possible price and/or terms we can offer you.
You then are able to make a decision based on what we have told you and we can proceed to closing, or not. Your decision, no stress, no hassle, it is your home to sell.

It’s a very simple process, especially because we will make all of the arrangements and handle all of the paperwork. All you will need to do is decide if you like what we have to offer.

So, now that you know what we can do for you, let’s get started by providing us with the information about your house. Please submit the form below, or call us to talk with us directly ( 770-480-0209).

We look forward to providing a solution to sell your home that works for you!

Here’s how it works for Home Buyers and those who want Owner Financing, a Rent to Own Home or a Lease Purchase home where there is NO BANK Financing Needed…You can always have mortgage or bank financing if you secure it.

1. Want to buy a house or buy a home or rent to own Now? Just fill our the formhere, or call us with the information. Download our easy application today to Buy, Owner Finance, Lease Purchase, Rent to own or rent a home and send it to us through fax or email. Download the application forms here.
We will look over the information you provide and determine what possibilities we have to create a solution that works for you.
We will contact you and discuss the possibilities, and if we can agree on some basics, we can make arrangements to sell to you, Lease Purchase to you or rent you the house of your dreams right now before months end.
We have done the market analysis to determine the best possible price and/or terms we can offer you.
You then can make a decision based on what we have told you and you can proceed to buy the home, Owner finance the home, Lease Purchase, or rent a home. It is that simple. Pick out a House here now and Lets us help you!
We have several pages of homes here.
If you do not see the right home, we want you to know,
we are constantly adding homes to our inventory!
Please fill out the information below and we will contact you
when we have more homes available.


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