Credit Score

Credit Score

Start your home search by knowing and understanding your Credit score and profile.  Your Credit Score helps to determine your ability to borrow money to buy a house. It also determines, the interest rate you receive and whether or not you can finance a house with a conventional loan or if you need to look for alternative financing.

At A O Home Solutions and Our Website we can find you a great house but we both need to have a starting point so we can determine how much house you qualify to buy.
We can make this process painless, free and easy if you just follow our simple plan.

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I did not have the best Credit but A O Home Solutions found me the perfect House anyway.

John S.

We had less than perfect credit but A O Home Solutions Put our family in a House without Bank Financing.

Charles S.

We wanted our first house but the bank would not loan us the money. A O home Solutions found a way and found us a house.

Tracy K.

It has been a pleasure to work with A O Homes.Their friendly service and easy qualifying process were done with efficiency and professionalism! Thank you AOHS for being part of our home ownership team!

Paulette M Bethel

Muchas grasias a mark neighbor por tratarme con rrespeto igualdad y por aser la comprade nuestra casa rrapido fasil y sin problema alguno y estar denvestro lado para aserlas cosas mas Fasiles

Bravlio Renoso

The process that we went thru was very smooth. It was a blessing to do business with

Mark Sharon Martin

Mr Mark Neighbor was a very good person to work with. He made the process of buying the home very easy. He was always informative and let me know all there was for me to know.

Harold Tate

I filled out the paperwork and my kids and I are in our new Rent to Own home in less than a week. We love it. Thank you for making our new home affordable. Your service and attention is appreciated more than you know. It was easier than I thought. Thank you !

Delilah Kelley
Everyone needs a home to call their own. We help people fulfill their dream of home ownership. We have dozens of Happy buyers proving every month we can help you buy and own your own home. Add your smile to this our latest dozen happy home buyers.

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